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Our Atlanta construction accident attorneys specialize in the unique aspects involved with these cases. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that approximately 1,000 construction site workers die each year in catastrophes like crane accidents, electrocution, slip and falls, trench collapses, scaffolding disasters, and welding accidents. In the city of Atlanta, perpetual construction seems to be a way of life. Most city residents – and indeed many construction site workers and managers themselves – do not fully realize the perils associated with working on or around – or even passing through – live sites. For more information, visit the OSHA web site.

Let’s break down some of the most common construction site accidents in Atlanta, as noted by our Atlanta construction accident attorneys.


Construction workers falling off of roofs, cranes, scaffolding, elevator shafts, or unmarked (or poorly marked) holes lead to approximately 300 deaths a year in the U.S., according to OSHA. Falls don’t necessarily have to lead to fatal consequences to change the lives and trajectories of working families. Even a stutter step fall off of a piece of cement can result in a twisted ankle, forcing a worker to take weeks or months of time off of work and engage in costly and painful rehabilitative therapy and surgeries.

Injuries Caused by Equipment

Welding equipment, heavy moving vehicles and machinery, and other exotic types of equipment and components can cause or contribute to serious workplace injuries. The damages can include burn injuries, electrocution, crushing and piercing injuries, traumatic brain injury (caused from blows to the head), and bleeding, bruising, and contusions.

Fires and Explosions

Gas line accidents, accidental ignition of flammable compounds, such as propane, and welding related disasters, can cause disfigurement, second and third degree burns, blindness, and paralysis. Workers not directly burned or singed by the explosion or fire itself can still suffer inhalation injuries and head injuries from falling away from a blast. While many of these injuries show up “acutely” – that is, they are obvious immediately – many construction injuries take weeks to months to “present.” For instance, a construction worker may survive a gas line explosion and fire on site unscathed but may develop emphysema like symptoms or asthma months or even years later that could be causally linked to the disaster.

Getting the Help You Need from an Atlanta Construction Accident Attorney

Top caliber Atlanta construction accident attorneys, like the legal team at Broughton Law, can provide you with the crucial strategic guidance you need to hold your employer’s insurance company — or any other number of potential parties — liable for your medical care costs, past and future income lost, suffering, therapies, and rehabilitation. Get a free consultation from top Georgia construction accident lawyers now by calling 877-268-0808, or visit for free resources and more information about Atlanta personal injury attorneys.